I wish I could allow time to read biographical material about all the authors whose books I’m reading for this project but I’m afraid that would take an inordinate amount of time I can’t well afford. It’ll take long enough to get through as many of the 1000 as I can. Not to mention the […]

“We all seem to make lots of money. Man, do we seem to be coining it here. Even the chicks live like kings. The car is free. The car is on the house. The house is on the mortgage. The mortgage is on the firm – without interest. The interesting thing is: how long can […]

                The Guardian Book Group is in the midst of reading DH Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers. It’s their June read, which means they’re more than halfway through the project. Absurd to believe I can catch up, right? Probably. Does that mean I won’t give it a shot? Not […]

Part of Martin Amis’s “London Trilogy,” along with the novel London Fields and The Information, Money was hailed as “a sprawling, fierce, vulgar display” (The New Republic) and “exhilarating, skillful, savvy” (The Times Literary Supplement) when it made its first appearance in the mid-1980s. Amis’s shocking, funny, and on-target portraits of life in the fast […]